The Deafness of Snow

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The evocative images of the Andes come to life in Judith Santopietro’s book. Her vision shows us a sensitivity that picks up on the sublime, the cosmovision, the song and the spiritual elements of the indigenous peoples of Bolivia. From the dedication to her foremothers and the Incan hymn that initiates this journey, this is a book that dialogues with nature. Santopietro’s words make us tremble with cold that penetrates our bones in the heights of the Andes. An Aymara woman appears and disappears between the verses. The book is a beautiful contribution from a familiar point of view, but at the same time distant.

                                                                                                       Gloria E. Chacón, researcher and professor, Department of Literature, UCSD

Tiawanaku. Poems from the Mother Coqa

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