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ORCA LIBROS is a small independent press dedicated to promoting the ideas, experiences and sensibilities of women through literature. We operate out of Athens, Georgia, in the United States. In ORCA we approach literature as a form of knowledge, a way to acknowledge oneself and the other, and a space for a shared experience of the world. We believe that literature, as an imaginative space of exchange, can help us build a more just and inclusive world, where the central role that women play in the construction and transformation of our society is fully recognized. We publish literary works by established and emergent women writers in poetry, novel, creative non- fiction, theater, visual narrative and essay. Our authors are Latin American, Latina, and Indigenous women writers from the Americas. In synchrony with the linguistic diversity of the works we promote, and seeking to contribute to the diffusion in the United States of non-English literature, we produce books in Spanish, English, and bilingual editions.


We work hard to produce books with high aesthetic, literary, and human value that a variety of readers can enjoy and treasure. By creating a varied catalogue, we hope to show some of the diversity of interests, forms of knowledge, experiences, sensibilities, and forms of expression of Women with Latin American and Indigenous roots. Our catalogue includes eBooks for sale around the world, and print books for sale within the United States. We produce soft-cover books, and objet d'art books with covers made by women artists, seamstresses, weavers, and experts in other traditional crafts. Our objet d'art books draw on the skills that traditionally we women for obliged to exercise in order to give them value as spaces of knowledge, reflection, and narrative exchange. We favor the use of reclaimed materials which, since they are charged with memory, help us to continue relating and reliving female experiences and to generate, through them, new spaces of creativity and liberty.

OUR NEXT STEP: community-based literature (2020)

Acknowledging the transformative power of literary creation and oral storytelling, we organize community storytelling workshops focused on creating awareness about the value of one’s own story and those of others, as well as that of the role of women in society. Our workshops are offered to groups of women in Latin America and the United States as spaces for self-knowledge, self-affirmation, and the reconstruction of collective memory. We also work with women who already run workshops and other storytelling projects in order to publish, promote, and disseminate the stories told by these women. The authors who participate in these workshops participate manually in the construction of the books produced, which will be sold as part of a special collection, on our website and at live auctions that seek the involvement and support of the community. The profits generated by the sale of these books will go to the authors in the form or royalties, and will help to fund new community projects. We hope our first community books will see the light on 2020.


Lina X. Aguirre

Founder and Director of Orca Libros

Judith Santopietro

Strategy and PR

Richard Gordon

English Translation

Lynsee Sardell


Ilana Dann Luna.

English Translation

Victor Ortiz

Cover and page layout design


Lucía Franco: eBook design
Nayra Alejandra Villota: Online Store design
Antonia Bello, Natalia Castillo, Andrea Muñoz. Promotional animations and videos
Tania Mendoza. Promotional animations and videos

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