ORCA LIBROS is a small independent press dedicated to promoting the ideas, experiences and sensibilities of women through literature. We operate out of Athens, Georgia, in the United States. In ORCA we approach literature as a form of knowledge, a way to acknowledge oneself and the other, and a space for a shared experience of the world. We believe that literature, as an imaginative space of exchange, can help us build a more just and inclusive world, where the central role that women play in the construction and transformation of our society is fully recognized.


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Lynsee Sardell Visual Artist - and illustrator

by Lina X. Aguirre

““Reading these poems, I felt like I was floating. I felt like a ghost, or even a cloud, passing above a very intimate landscape; like a curious but mute observer of the poet`s beautiful and tragic dreams. The poems read like narrative and emotional still-lifes, a sort of a visceral pause in the straight line of a lifetime. The simplicity and complexity of a single line, of a life, of a death, of pain, of joy, of experience, are all present and absent within these illustrations.”

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